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Technology is playing an ever more critical role in today’s K12 education environment. With the right education services and solutions in place, you can maximize students’ potential, increase teacher and staff productivity and improve communications within the school district and community.

Let us help you address the concerns of multiple stakeholders: students, parents, faculty, school administrators and county/city executives. Our education services cover the following areas:

Ignite™ Teacher Tool Promotes Customized Instruction

Ignite is a web-based, teacher tool for printing, scanning and scoring a variety of assessments. The software provides frequent and specific feedback on what students are learning. Ignite’s teacher tools also suggest ways to address each student’s needs.

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Color Helps Kids Learn

K12 students learn better with color in the classroom, according to a recent survey. Of students surveyed, 77% agree color documents boost focus, interest and memory. Xerox offers a wide range of color printers and software to help schools control costs, grade and analyze tests, and scan paper into electronic workflows.

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Oklahoma Department of Human Services

Oklahoma needed to streamline its childcare system. We didn’t kid around.

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