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How Centralized Print Services Works

If you’re like many organizations with in-house printing and mailroom operations, you sense these functions aren’t as productive as they ought to be, let us help improve your printing and document production process.

Maybe you’re trying to transition print to digital to reduce costs and improve information flow.  Or maybe you’re looking to maximize printed documents’ value to your business.

To help you reduce print spending and transform your document production environment, we offer a proven, three-phase, Centralized Print Services approach:

Print Assessment and Optimization

We work together to assess your current document production environment. Our goal is to establish a common understanding of your business’s needs. We address operational and financial aspects of your business and explore areas of challenge and opportunity. This helps us create a baseline of your current spending. Then we design a document production service that optimizes your revenues and costs and supports your service delivery requirements. See more on Print Assessment and Optimization

Document Security Services

Careful design and handling of documents and information, whether on-site or off-site, ensures your data and content are managed in a secure and compliant way. Transitioning from your current practice to Xerox Centralized Print Services will be safe and seamless thanks to our deep experience with document production services integration. See more on Document Security Services

Document Process Automation

Evolve beyond print by transforming documents into digital files, enabling multichannel communications and eliminating non-value printing before it happens. Our local and global experts and partners will help you increase your revenue through benchmark communications across all forms--paper or digital, personalized and multichannel. See more on Document Process Automation

This is the Xerox Centralized Print Services approach. It has worked with thousands of clients around the world. Find out how this printing process could help your business. For a free Centralized Print Services consultation, please contact us.

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Methodist Healthcare

A healthcare provider sees a 100% return on investment and saves over $2 million per year by moving printing in-house with our full-service print center.

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Purdue Taps Xerox CPS

Purdue University partners with Xerox to transform document production.

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Baptist St. Anthony’s

A health system saves more than $300,000 per year and reduces print and mailroom service response time from days to 30 minutes.

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